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Primary School

First Day at School

We are really pleased at how well the new Reception children got on with their first day at school.  We expect many of them to be tired but hope they are eager to come back again tomorrow. As it is so warm at present please ensure your child has a named water bottle and that their cardigans and jumpers are named as many came off today and already there is a lost property issue. 

We are aware that there were some queueing issues at the beginning and end of the day. We believe the mornings will get easier as the children become more used to knowing where to go and most will be able to walk in to find the adults in the cloakroom without needing support. 

To help us at the end of the day we would like you to still come to the top playground to collect the children but to wait by the coloured fence - the adults will be looking out of the door and will send your child up to you as we see you. Please stand near the relevant classroom (the windows are labelled - firstly Grasshoppers and then Butterflies) and then move to the top of the stairs as you see your child coming to you, where they will be passed to you by an adult. 

This should mean you aren't waiting behind the Year 1 parents and also your child is still safe in the building until you arrive. 

Ladybird parents - please drop and pick up your child as you did today from their cloakroom.