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Primary School

Reception 2 new challenges and VE day celebrations

Hi everyone,

We hope that you are all safe and well.

Here are some ideas to keep the children busy this week.


Make your own lunch, maybe a sandwich. See if you can spread the bread with butter then add your filling. I wonder what is your favourite filling. Can you grate some cheese, mix some tuna and mayonnaise, chop some cucumber or slice some tomato?

When you have added your filling, put the two slices of bread together and cut into rectangles, squares or triangles. How does it taste?

Ask a grown up to take a picture of you eating your sandwich and send it to Mrs Wesby or Mr North, we would love to see.


Look for 10 cars while out on a walk or from your window or garden. Record the numbers on their number plates. What is the biggest number you find?, what is the smallest number? Can you put the numbers in order from smallest to largest.


And if you did not already know this week there is a very special day, this Friday is a very special anniversary as it has been 75 years since VE day. How about joining in the celebrations with your at home street party and have a go at making some Union jack bunting or designing your own union jack flag. Once your done share it with us on the ILD!


Here's hoping we see you all soon,  you need anything please feel free to contact Mrs Wesby or Mr North