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Primary School

Rec - A Letter and parachute challenge

A fresh set of challenges

Hi Everyone,

We hope you have been enjoying being outside in your gardens in the sunshine. Here are some suggestions for this weeks learning at home.


Why not write a letter for a friend in your class or maybe even to Mrs Wesby or Mr North, tell them what you have been busy doing and how you have been feeling. Don't forget to include all the things that make writing good, such as full stops, finger spaces, capital letters and well formed letters..

We also have an idea for you to make a parachute from materials you can find around your house, you will need to attach a play person then stand somewhere high like the top of the stairs or on the climbing frame in your garden to let in go. Hopefully the parachute will open and your play person will arrive safely on the ground. Don't forget to take pictures and post on the ILD. We all love to see what you have been doing.

Love From

Mrs Wesby, Mr North, Mrs Turney and Mrs Arthur