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Primary School

Rec - New term challenges

Happy Easter and the start of a new term

Hello everyone, we hope you have had a lovely Easter and have eaten far too many chocolate eggs.

Thank-you so much for the super pictures and comments you are sending of your children busy and having fun, we will continue to look at these daily and are always on hand via the ILD or staff emails to answer any questions you may have.

For now the situation at school remains the same so we will continue to post ideas and challenges to support you and ensure the children are having fun and keeping a link with school.

Why not set up a role play area such as a toy shop or super market. The children could include real items on their shop shelves. So much learning can come from experiences like this, shapes, recognition of real coins, writing to make price tags and shopping lists. It would be fantastic to see what you come up with.


Maths challenge

Explore weight and capacity, which objects are heavy or light, can you balance the scales.

Can you find different containers which ones will hold the most water and why, can you make a container, full, half full and empty?


Writing challenge 

Use your letter card to practise forming your letters correctly, remember the rhyme that goes with each letter to make sure your pencil goes the right way round.


Don’t forget to post pictures of your work we can’t wait to see them

Love Mrs Wesby, Mr North, Mrs Arthur and Mrs Turney.