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Primary School

Reception - At home letter hunt challenge

Here is a challenge for all of reception to have a go at whilst we are all at home.

Hello everyone, we in the reception team hope everyone is doing well and keeping safe at home.

We have decided to create a challenge for the children to go on a letter hunt around the house!

We all know how good the children are at finding sounds and words, so the challenge we are setting is to find as many super, special, slick sounding words they can find in their own house beginning with the letter 'S.' Anything beginning with 'S' can be chosen- then the children can write down what they found in there house and then send us a picture of their amazing lists of words. 

Bonus challenge: If after finding all these words of things in their homes any children want to go even further beyond, have a go at putting any into sentences! 

Good luck with the challenge and we hope to see you soon healthy and safe!

The Reception team.