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Primary School

Reception dinosaur project

Reception have been outstanding so far this year and as a special treat they are learning  about the amazing dinosaurs.

They made their  own characters to hang  in their classroom . They also made a painting of a dinosaur by themselves.While  the other children go to assembly reception do things like creating their own zoo for the dinosaurs and explaining  how they get looked after. They also make their own creation of a dinosaur deciding what it will look like. They also measured the height of the Dinosaurs with multilink.

They mostly loved to create their own Dinosaurs to hang in the classroom they said it was the best part of their whole term. A very interesting egg cracking has left the children very excited and pondering what could be inside   they are looking and researching about the different types of dinosaurs. To guess what one may be inside t-rex’s, diplodocus, or maybe a brontosaurus.


Media crew - FJW, LF and PF.