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Primary School

A day in the life of Reception

media crew interviewed reception staff to find our what our youngest children do during a day. 

In the mornings Reception children work through 4 different activities. In maths they are currently working on estimation. This activity is for around 20 minutes and then is followed by activity time which is when the children can choose things in the classroom this is normally for 1 hour and a half. After choosing time there is a break outside. The next activity would then be phonics for 20 minutes where they may learn about diagraphs. This is followed by handwriting for 20 minutes.


You will be happy to know that the children love their playtimes in Reception  because of their equipment which includes bikes, scooters and hula hoops. There are only about 10 bikes and 5 scooters, so the children have swap over time. Also some bikes have three seats which shows the children to work together and give others a turn as well. On the playground also are year 6  playground monitors who are swapped over every term , they look out for the children and take them to first aid and make sure no one is left out or upset.

On Thanksgiving reception learnt about what it was and the meaning behind it and took part in lots of different activities.


Media Crew