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Primary School

Book bags and end of term

As we are getting towards the end of the school year we have a few housekeeping notes for you. 

The children will need to bring ALL school books back on Thursday 15th July. This includes reading books and library books. 

We will collect in their book bags to be handed up to the new classroom, so they will not be bringing these home until September. 

Please empty their book bags of all things you want them to keep at home. 

Please can you also send your child to school with a named carrier bag, so we can give out all the bits and pieces an end of term creates. 

We have given your child a 'scrapbook' for them to complete over the summer holidays - there is an information sheet in the front cover that explains the ideas you could include, but there is no set format. These should be brought back in September to be shared with their new class teacher and children. 

Thank you for all your support this year - it's been an unusual one but the children have been a delight to work with. 

Reception Team