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Primary School

Reception Commendations Assemblies

Once a fortnight we hold a Commendations Assembly to celebrate some wonderful things we see in our Reception base. So far we have had 2 assemblies and the children have come together to see the different children who we celebrate with. 

Children who have done some wonderful work receive a certificate and a special sticker for their efforts. 

So far we have celebrated

Niamh - for thinking hard while writing.

Rayah - for working hard at reading. 

Lena - for learning lots of new words and talking to us about them

Emilia - for reading very well to help her group understand their book

We also award children who have earned a piece of confetti for our Confetti tree of Kindness, they also get a certificate and special sticker. 

These have been - 

Bethany - for making her friend happy by looking after her in the lunch line.

Thomas - for ALWAYS having a smile on his face to make the children and adults happy.

Anthony - for having really beautiful manners and being so polite every day.

Olivia - for looking after a friend who did not have anyone to play with on the playground. 


Children can also be awarded dojo points for various reasons in school and we all love a sticker too. It is very tricky to think of only a few children each time; as we are so proud of all the children in Reception. However, we all enjoy getting together to chat about these positives we can see.