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Primary School

A Great Big Round of Applause!

Well done Reception on a successful week of Home Learning.

We would just like to say a huge well done to you all for all the hard work you have put in to your home learning this week - well done grown-ups too, we appreciate that it can be an overwhelming task at times. On that note, if there is anything that you can suggest that would make it easier for you, then please let us know in an email.

We love to see all the work that you have been doing and read every single ILD post as soon as we can. You will notice that we are commenting on them in more detail and now offering a 'next step' where appropriate. Parents, we would be grateful if you could bear these points in mind when working on the next task with your child. Thank you. If you haven't as yet sent us your work, we would be happy to receive it in the coming week.

Just a reminder that all tasks, activities and supporting videos and powerpoints are uploaded daily to the Learning Zone section of ILD Parental Portal.

We have lots more exciting pirate-themed things to do next week, so we look forward to seeing you all LIVE at 9am on Monday morning.

The Reception Team