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Primary School

Reception Remote Learning

Thank you so much for how well you have joined in with our on-line sessions and learning activities. After initial feedback from the first few days we just want to clarify a few things.

We will be online from 9-10.30 but the children will be given breaks in the listening time. We will bring them together again at 9am / 9.45 / and 10.15. The length of each session will vary with what we want to cover.

We may leave them to chat in our break sessions but would also like them to feel they can get up and have a wriggle and then be ready for the next learning session.

The teacher will mute all the children regularly so that all households can hear the teacher the loudest but may ask your child to unmute from time to time – please show them how to do this when asked.

When we are in school the learning experience is very different. In Reception the children spend a lot of time organising their own learning through the activities we can put out for them. They then come to the adult when needed for a specific task, or choose to access an activity as they wish. To replicate this to the best of all our abilities we would like to suggest the following.

Please watch the Phonics videos every day – they are a brief copy of the sessions we would do in school with the children writing on boards as we go along. It is up to you how much follow up you do to these sessions.

The activities from the morning session and extra ones that are added to the Learning Zone are for you to do with your child as you see fit. Some children can quite happily sit all day long undertaking paper tasks, some children need to have a construction session, some prefer to work with numbers, some want to paint, cook , run around the garden! We hope you are able to pick and choose the activities that best suit your child at their learning level.

In the same way you will need to think about your child and the level they can work at. We will attach a wide range of activities to suit children of all abilities – we do not expect you to complete every single one.

Also we are aware of some technical issues with the Teams meetings and accessing the ILD – we are hopeful most of it is down to the large amount of traffic in the systems.  Please get in touch if you have a specific problem.

One other website that may be of use to you is We use this in school for games to reinforce their phonics learning and the website has decided to make it a free resource during this lockdown. Explore some of the games they have – you should be looking at either phase 2 or 3 depending on your child.

You may log in with the following details:

username: jan21

password: home


Once again - thank you and keep in touch!