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Primary School

Remote Phonics learning - Reception

From Monday 11th January we will be offering daily phonics videos for you to watch with your child, in addition to the daily live Teams meeting. 

We will only be posting 2 lessons a day so please check which is the most appropriate one for your child, depending on which 'Fruity Phonics' group they were in:

Amazing Apples – Mrs Charles And Mrs Reeve.

Awesome Oranges – Mrs Arthur

Marvellous Melons -Mrs Pursey-Clark

These children will be watching Video ONE each day, presented by Mrs Charles or Mrs Reeve.


Stunning Strawberries – Mrs Reynolds

Brilliant Bananas - Mrs Turney

These children will be watching video TWO each day, presented by Mrs Pursey-Clark


If your child can not remember which group they were in please email us so we can confirm back to you which one they need to watch.

As we have grouped some groups together we are aware we will need to adapt the coverage so some children may appear to be revisiting some sounds but this will be at a level appropriate to their learning and there will also be some extension activities set for them to do each day.

We will send the video links and any relevant documents through the ILD Learning Zone, daily.

Please settle your child to do this session whenever it works for you – they will need something to write with (we usually have a whiteboard and pen in school but anything will do) Please could their word tub also be close by in case we need it – feel free to make new sound cards / word cards as we learn new words if it helps your child.

Feel free to pause whenever needed if your child needs extra thinking / writing time. We may also attach some internet links to games or you tube clips if this is something you and your child would like.

Those children in school will also have the opportunity to do their phonics in school with the adults here.

As with everything else if you want to send us some of their work via the ILD we would love to see it but it’s not essential to do this every day.

And any queries please get in touch.