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Primary School

Superhero week and reminders

This week we will be working all week on Superheroes! Please don't forget we will be dressing up on Thursday. 

Instead of needing PE kit your child can come in their own costume. It may be a full dressing up costume, it may be a cape and mask on top of normal clothes, they may wish to come as a policeman / doctor, they may wish to make a badge to wear. It really is up to you and your child. 

Please make sure they are able to access the toilet in their costume! And any removable parts are named!

Also this week you will receive a settling in report for your child - this is because of Covid restrictions we are unable to hold parents evenings. However, please remember we are always on the end of an email or phone; or you can have a chat with us on the playground once we have dismissed the majority of our class. 

Reading  / Phonics - We have been very pleased with the way the children have been learning their sounds and words in their tubs. We have now started 'Fruity Phonics' with them which means they go in smaller groups to work on their phonic skills. For more phonic information please visit Phonics play

Please continue to read with them at least 5 times a week (raffle ticket for every time a child gets 5 or more reads a week!) and this may be looking at the books, sounds or words. We are managing to hear every child read at least once during the week and also change their books twice so it is important their book bag is with them everyday.  

ILD - we still have a handful of parents who have not registered for the ILD - if you are having problems please speak to one of the adults who will be able to help you. Thank you to all those who have been putting observations of their children at home - its a really helpful way to see how they have been working with their number cards, name cards, sounds and words. It's also lovely to hear how they share their learning from school at home  - several of you have had to undertake shape hunts at home we believe! It is also great to hear about the other activities too - new babies, swimming lessons, horse riding, autumn walks. 

From time to time we share these observations in class - the children love seeing themselves and their friends on the big screen. It also helps in our assessment of what the children can do. It is also a good way for you to see what your child has been doing at school so remember to keep logging on! 

Coats and outerwear - as it is getting colder please can you remember to send your child with a coat everyday. As you get them warmer coats for winter please help them learn how to put it on. We will always help, but the more of them that can do it independently is really a big confidence boost for them. Also please name new coats, and hats, and gloves!

MASKS - as you will have seen in our October Newsletter adults are now being asked to wear masks during drop of and pick up in accordance with Covid guidance. Please respect everyone by adhering to this - masks are not necessary for your child unless you want them to .......or its Thursday Superhero day!!

We have also welcomed Mrs Reynolds to our reception team. She has worked in reception before and has settled back into the team as an additional person really well. Having more people means we can vary the opportunities for your children and increase the areas we can have open at any one time. 

And if we don't get to speak to you before the half term break - thank you for helping your child settle so wel into school. The first term can always be tiring and long - and your children have done so well after lockdown - we are really proud of them!