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Primary School

Reception Superhero Day 22nd October

This term we have been learning about ourselves and our families - we are planning a weeks activities soon on being a superhero!

Towards the end of this week we would like to have a dress up day and therefore on THURSDAY 22nd October we would like your child to come to school dressed as a SUPERHERO! 

This could be a favourite superhero your child has a costume for, or a home made version representing any hero your child would like to be. This does not need to be shop bought - a home made mask or cloak, badge for their chest etc. It would really help us if your child is able to independently manage their costume for toiletting purposes and also think about ensuring it is warm enough for a school day. They will also need to be able to do PE in their costume so the footwear would be best to be trainers or suchlike. 

In the meantime, please talk to your child about if they were a superhero what their name would be. What powers would they have and why? Do they know of any everyday heroes and their superpowers?

You could upload these thoughts to the ILD and we can share it during class times.