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Primary School

Reception - Wet weather and other news

In advance of any wet weather when you drop your Reception child off or pick them up we have a variation to the normal plans.

IF it is raining in the morning and we decide to open the outside area you may come up the normal drive at the normal time. When you get to the small black gates on your right please leave your child with a member of the Reception team who will ensure they get in safely to the cloakroom and from there to the classrooms. Please then continue up the slope as usual, cross the playground and exit through the car park gate as usual.

We ask you to keep socially distanced from other parents and to keep the flow of traffic going.

IF it is raining at the end of the day - 

BUTTERFLY parents please make your way to the playground and wait by the coloured fence facing the classrooms – your adults will be watching out of the window and will help your child come to you via the outside steps.

GRASSHOPPER parents please make a socially distanced line along the path and we will bring your children out through the small black gates by our outside area. We will have them lined up undercover and will call them to the front when we see their adults.

Please be patient and wait at socially distanced spaces to other parents; we will be as quick as possible but we will put the children’s safety first.  

We would also like to thank the parents who have been looking at the Interactive Learning Diary and sending in observations from home – the children enjoy looking at them in class from time to time too. If you are having any problems with this please speak to one of the team. 

Also thank you for the practising of the words and sounds in their word tubs – there will be NO new sounds/words this week as we are starting our phonic groups next week and will send home words/sounds as they have been learnt.

Two last requests as the weather is drawing in  - please could your child come to school wearing a NAMED coat, and please could you encourage their independence in putting it on. We will always help a child who needs support but it really builds their confidence if they are able to do it for themselves.