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Primary School

Reading Books and Book Bags

We had some very excited children who took their book bags home with them for the first time. 

Inside their books bags they have 3 books to to share with you at home. 

Please begin to look at them every day with your child – talk about the title, pictures, story, how to hold the book. What might the book be about? What may happen next? Can they spot any rhymes, do they know any of the words? Which book do they like best? Why? Can they retell the story afterwards?

All these skills are essential reading skills that we would like your child to develop throughout their time at primary school. Parents can support the 'reading journey' through regular reading at home. Reading to and with your child, every evening for at least ten minutes can make a dramatic difference to a child's achievement within school. There are further ideas in the helping with reading leaflet.

Please write in their reading diaries every time you share a book – any child with 5 reads a week, written in their diary will be entered into our Reading Raffle with a chance to win a book. Feel free to share other books with your child also and record these in the reading diary.

Due to Covid19 guidance we will not be able to write in your child’s reading diary at present, We will write in a school-based diary as a record of their school reads. We will check the number of home reads on a Friday and change their reading books in time for the weekend. This is the only time a week we will touch their home reading diary.

Please send your child with their book bag everyday.

There is also a word tub in the bag – we will be adding to this weekly with extra words and sounds for your child to learn as we progress. We will send further information about the word tube and our phonics teaching and activities to do at home next week.

Please feel free to put the long strap in the zipped up pocket onto the bag to make it easier to carry. Water bottles should NOT be put in the book bag as leakages are to be avoided!

If you have any questions please ask one of our team or email your teacher.

The Reception Team