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Primary School

Reception - Interactive Learning Diary

We are so pleased the children have settled so well in school over the first couple of days. Thank you parents for being so helpful with the drop off and pick up system - it really helps that you are patient while we get the children to the correct adult. Thank you also for following the one-way system we have in place. 

Some of you will know about our Interactive Learning Diary (ILD) system we use in school, and if you are new to our school you should have had a letter about registering. Please take a few minutes to have a look at the system and we would love to hear some news from your child about what they got up to over the summer holidays. Did they - Learn to ride a bike? Have a new baby brother or sister? Bake some cakes? Go to the seaside?

Feel free to put up something to share with us about your child - we often look at the ILD in class on our big screen and they love to see themselves on there. We have started making observations of your children in school and some of them are recorded on the ILD - it does take 3 days to appear on there which gives us time to process the observation but there are some little snippets of what the children are up to. 

If you are having any difficulty accessing the ILD please speak to one of the grown-ups and they will be able to help you out.