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Primary School

Reception Some fun experiments for home

New challenges: 15/06/20

Hi Everyone,
We hope that you have managed to see some of your family and friends in your “bubble” and that you are all safe and well.
Here are some ideas for this weeks home learning.

Can you remember what all of the letters of the alphabet look like? Write down each lower case letter and then challenge yourself to see if you can write it’s capital letter partner.
How about your numbers, write a number line, keep going until you can’t remember what any more of the numbers look like.

Science investigations
Ice balloons
Ask a grown up to help you to fill a ballon with some water, then leave it in the freezer over night. What has happened to the water and why?. Carefully peel off the skin of the balloon to reveal the ice, sprinkle on some salt, watch and listen carefully. What can you see and hear happening to the ice? Why do you think road workers put salt on the paths and roads during the winter?

Mixing water and oil
You will need a clear glass or plastic container that you can see through and some cooking oil. Half fill the glass with water and pour on some cooking oil. Stir the mixture, can you mix them together, what happens and why. Add a few drops of food colouring, what do you see now?

We hope you will enjoy exploring this weeks challenges.

As always please contact Mrs Wesby or Mr North if you have any problems.