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Primary School

Reception New challenges for Term 6

Hello everyone,

We hope that you are all safe and well.

Welcome to Term 6 of our first year at Thrapston Primary School 

Our Music topic has changed for out last term to start thinking about the past and all the amazing things we have done this year.

So, this week we are thinking all the way back to our first term at school. To celebrate this our song for the week is Celebration by Kool and the gang.

Have a dance and reward yourself for the amazing work you have done this year.

This week the challenge is related to Time. There are lots of things we can do at home related to time. We could use of number cards and pencils to make a clock and practice telling our O’clock times. Maybe with an adult write down some of the things you do at different times of the day and for an extra bonus challenge see if you can jumble them up and then put them in order.

Have fun playing with time and anything you do we would love to see on the ILD this week.

We are all looking forward to seeing you soon, if you need anything please feel free to contact Mrs Wesby or Mr North