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Primary School

Lanterns, Funky Music and a Maths Game.

A fresh set of challenges for the week

Hi everyone,

We hope that you are all safe and well and have had a lovely VE-day weekend.

Here are some ideas to keep the children busy this week.

As you may have seen this week it is the 200th anniversary of Florence Nightingale’s birth, at this time we are all thinking about our NHS heroes helping keep our country safe at this time. To honour this date the children could have a go at making their own lantern at home to bring out with them for Thursday’s clap for the NHS. This could be a paper lantern or jam jar lantern.

Here is a video for how to make a jam jar lantern:

I know how much our reception year loves to dance, and as we have not been able to get up and dance together in school why not have a dance at home! And with all of the VE day celebrations I bet we all heard lots of music from the past that we had never heard before.

This term was supposed to be about listening and dancing to funky music so we have some great feel good dance songs to have fun with.

The song for this week is I feel good by James Brown. Think about how this song makes you feel or what it reminds you of.

Ask a grown up to take a picture of you dancing and send it to Mrs Wesby or Mr North, we would love to see some funky moves.


For maths this week you could have a go at an estimation game.

Play a game, estimating how many items you will each be able to pick up in a handful. All the family can take turns. Write down your estimates then count to check how close you were. You could use beans, beads, grapes, coins or anything you could think of and have a fun competition at home!


Here's hoping we see you all soon, you need anything please feel free to contact Mrs Wesby or Mr North