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  • Diwali week and other reception messages.

    Published 16/11/20

    As part of our work looking at different celebrations this week we are talking about Diwali. 

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  • Maths week and other information

    Published 06/11/20

    From Monday 9th November we (along with the rest of the school) will be celebrating maths week. 

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  • Superhero week and reminders

    Published 18/10/20

    This week we will be working all week on Superheroes! Please don't forget we will be dressing up on Thursday. 

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  • Reception Superhero Day 22nd October

    Published 05/10/20

    This term we have been learning about ourselves and our families - we are planning a weeks activities soon on being a superhero!

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  • Wear It Yellow Day

    Published 05/10/20

    Just a reminder that all children have been invited to wear something yellow on Friday 9th October for 'Wear It Yellow' Day. 

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  • Reception - Wet weather and other news

    Published 29/09/20

    In advance of any wet weather when you drop your Reception child off or pick them up we have a variation to the normal plans.

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  • Reception PE Lessons

    Published 22/09/20

    Reception PE - Thursday

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  • Reception Phonics and reading

    Published 21/09/20

    So now the children are in full time, we have started our phonics lessons.

    In their word tub they will be given 4 sounds a week  – you already have this weeks sounds – s,a,t,p. Please help your child recognise them, say them as a pure sound (s is ‘s’ not sssssssssssss) and see if they can find things around the house that begin with that sound. Children could also try forming the letter using pens and pencils – or writing with a wet paintbrush on the wall, tracing the letter in sand, or just using their finger on their leg.

    They will be given more sounds as they progress – for the beginning we will teach them in class sessions but in a couple of weeks we will group them according to whether or not they are ready for new sounds.

    If your child already knows these sounds you can help them progress by blending some of the sounds together – s-a-t makes sat, p-a-t makes pat. Feel free to use sounds we haven’t covered yet if your child knows them and wants to make more complicated words.

    In the word tub you also have some high frequency words – I go to the are the ones  in there currently. Again please practise these with your child and see if they can recognise them, can they write them? If your child has these words learnt already please feel free to extend their learning by putting them into verbal sentences, or even write simple sentences.

    Your child will read with a school grown up each week, one group a day will be heard. We will work on their sounds and words, in addition to looking at books with them. For those children who are ready we may move them onto our book boxes, or we may feel they need further reinforcement of sharing books with you at this time. It is not a competition – we try to work at your child’s level.

    New sounds and words will be put in on a Friday – and the books will be changed then also.

    Any child who has 5 reads a week will receive a raffle entry and a dojo point.

    Please try to build reading in as a positive experience for your child and fit it into your routine, we feel a love of books is a crucial part of your child’s school experience.


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  • Reception first lunch

    Published 20/09/20

    So Monday 21st September is nearly here and the Reception children can finally come to school all day and even have their lunch with us. 

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  • Reading Books and Book Bags

    Published 14/09/20

    We had some very excited children who took their book bags home with them for the first time. 

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  • Reception book bags

    Published 11/09/20

    Just a quick message to say thank you for your patience waiting for your child to come home with a book bag. 

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  • Reception - Interactive Learning Diary

    Published 08/09/20

    We are so pleased the children have settled so well in school over the first couple of days. Thank you parents for being so helpful with the drop off and pick up system - it really helps that you are patient while we get the children to the correct adult. Thank you also for following the one-way system we have in place. 

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