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Primary School

Nursery Home Learning Update 1st May 2020


We hope you are all okay. 

Here are a few learning ideas that you could complete at home:

1. Play the bean game. We sometimes use this as a warm up in our PE sessions and the children really enjoy it! Before you start, go through the different types of bean names and the associated movements. Then when you are ready to play the game, play some music and encourage your child to either walk/run/hop/skip/jump around the room. Call out the different bean names, and encourage your child to stop moving and to carry out the action associated with the bean. They may need a hand remembering some of the actions to begin with.

Jumping Bean – Jump up and down on the spot.

Runner Bean – Run on the spot.

Broad Bean – Stretch arms and legs out as wide as you can.

Kidney Bean – Lay on the floor curled up in a ball.

Jelly Bean – Wobble your body all around like jelly.

French Bean – Put one hand on your hip and one hand in the air / strike a pose and say ‘oh la la’.

Chilli Bean – shiver and shake.

Frozen Bean – Freeze on the spot.

String Bean – Stand on your tiptoes stretching your arms straight up, reaching as high as you can.

Baked Bean – Lay on the floor in a star shape.


2. Practise recognising shapes by playing Kim’s game. Start by going on a shape hunt around the house to find different 2D shaped household objects, e.g. a square book, a circle coaster, a rectangular envelope, a triangular tortilla crisp. Put these items on a tray or on the floor in front of you and your child. Start by asking your child to tell you what shapes/items they can see. Then ask your child to close their eyes while you remove one of the objects. Ask your child to open their eyes and to work out which shape is missing. Repeat, but this time return the object and take a different one away. There are many variations of Kim’s game. For example, you could collect the items yourself and lay them out on a tray. Ask your child to look carefully at the objects for around 30 seconds. Then covering the tray with a cloth, and ask your child to call out the items/shapes which they remember. This game is a great way to develop your child’s attention and memory skills.


3. If you are looking for some other active games to help your child burn off some extra energy on these rainy days, then have a look at the Change4Life website. Along with great family recipes, you will find lots of physical activity ideas and their 10-minute shake up cards, which are all based around popular Disney films.


Take care,

The Nursery Team