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Primary School

Nursery Home Learning Update 29th April 2020

Hi everyone,

We hope you are all well and enjoying your time at home.

Here are a few learning ideas that you could complete:

1. Help your child to develop their pencil grip. When your child finishes their time at nursery, we would like them to be able to hold a pencil near the point, between their first two fingers and thumb, and to use it with good control. This is commonly known as a tripod grip. Attached below is a guide to help you identify which stage your chid is at, and it gives ideas of how to develop their skills at a stage appropriate level. If your child already uses a tripod grip with good control, we have attached a letter formation sheet, which you could print or copy out for your child to use to practise forming letters correctly.

2. Play ‘guess the sound’ game to help to develop your child’s listening skills. Collect around 5 items from around your house which make noises – don’t worry if you don’t have any instruments to hand! You could use keys, tin foil, coins, pasta in a bottle, snapping some sticks, opening Velcro, unzipping a zip etc. Encourage your child to explore the items and get them to make noises with them so they can familiarise themselves with the sounds. Then get your child to turn away from you and the items, and begin to ‘play’ one of them to make a sound. Can your child correctly guess which item you used? Alternately or as an extension activity, you could play ‘guess the animal’ game, which can be found here The game plays different animal sounds and your child has to select the correct animal picture, of which one made the sound. Before you start, listen to the different animal noises – can your child remember the names of the animal babies which we looked at last term.

I have added a new ‘a parent’s guide to…’ on the nursery home page. This week’s is all about dressing and how you can support and encourage your child to develop these skills at home.

Take care,

The Nursery Team