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Primary School

Nursery Home Learning Update 23rd April 2020

Here are a few learning ideas that you could complete at home.

  1. Listen to the classic ‘We’re going on a bear Hunt’ story, read by the author Michael Rosen.
  2. Practise using positional language with these home learning challenges from Twinkl. Please see below the attachment with activity ideas to support your child’s shape, space and measure skills.
  3. Sing and dance along with some of your favourite nursery rhymes using the CBEEBIES radio website. Traditional nursery rhymes and songs with a modern twist!
  4. Make your own emergency services vehicle! As we are beginning to learn about different occupations, you could use this as an exciting start to the topic, and an opportunity to talk to your child about how the emergency services help us. You could create your vehicle using old boxes, bottles, bottle lids, cardboard tubes etc. Encourage your child to think about features of the vehicle – does it need a ladder/siren/hosepipe/bright colours?
  5. Practise recognising names. Something we were working with a few children on before we closed, was being able to recognise their own name. There are many ways you could do this at home too. For example:
  • Write your child’s name out twice on a piece of paper. Cut one of the sets up into individual letters. Fold these up and put them into a bowl. Encourage your child to take a letter from the bowl and to match it to their completed name. Keep going until they have matched up all of the letters. Adaptations: If your child can already recognise their name, you could do this with other family member names or mummy/daddy. You could also hide the individual letters around the house/garden, instead of folding them up and putting them in the bowl. This would help to lengthen the activity as well as adding an additional element of fun.
  • If you have any spare cardboard boxes, you could make a ‘letter racetrack’. Start by cutting the sides of the box out laying it out flat. Then write your child’s name out in the style of a road – with a dotted line through the letters. When your child is ready to play, encourage them to use a car or a train to drive around the letter roads. Say the name or sound of each letter your child drives around, prompting them to join in too. This is one I made for my nephew – it is harder to write on corrugated card than I first thought! Adaptations: If your child already recognises their name, you could write out the letters of the alphabet instead. Following the tracks around will help them to become familiar with the shapes of the different letters.

I have added a new ‘a parent’s guide to…’ on the nursery home page. This week’s is all about early reading, and how there are many fun ways that you can support your child’s learning at home.

We hope you have fun if you decide to try some of these activities out!

Take care,

The Nursery Team