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Primary School

Nursery Tadpoles Update

The frogspawn, which we collected last term from the school pond, has now hatched! The tadpoles are growing each day, and Mrs Melville has been taking videos of them so that we can continue to watch the interesting life cycle at home. 

This is a photo taken by Mrs Melville when the children first visited the school pond to collect the frogspawn. 


Here is the first video of the tadpoles - 03/04/2020:




and the most recent video - 20/04/20:




As you can see Mrs Melville has taken some of the tadpoles out, in this second video, to make sure that they have enough room in the tank as they grow bigger. 

Here is a diagram of the life cycle of a frog, that you could share with your child to help explain the fascinating process.