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Primary School

Nursery Home Learning Ideas - 21st April

Hello everyone,

We hope you enjoyed the Easter break and got to spend some time in sunshine playing with your families. We spent our holidays enjoying the sun in our gardens too, eating lots of Easter chocolate! We are missing you all very much and hope that we all get to see each other again soon.

We are sure you have all been busy having lots of fun over the holidays. Thank you to those parents who have sent in photos via the ILD or by email to update us. We will be creating a new photo album in our nursery gallery to share pictures of the lovely things you have been doing over the break. If you would like to add some photos to this gallery, please send them with your permission to

You will see that we have also added an album called – springtime at nursery. Mrs Melville kindly took some photos of our nursery gardens last time she visited school, to update us all on how our plants and vegetables are growing.

The topic we will be moving onto is ‘Occupations’. We will especially be looking at people in jobs that help us and keep us safe. You could talk to your children about the different people that work in our community. Follow their interests during the conversation. You could even research information or pictures online together.

Questions prompts you could ask your child:

  • Can they can think of someone who helps them within the community?

Doctors, nurses, teachers, dentists etc.

  • Can they explain how that person helps them?

Police officers help to keep us safe…dentists look after our teeth and keep them healthy.

  • Would you like to do any of these jobs when you are older? If, not what would you like to be?

We are looking forward to learning about this topic together over the next few weeks.

Thank you for your continued support during this difficult time,

The Nursery Team.