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Primary School

Spring time in nursery

It is fun and joy in our nursery, as spring is just round the corner. The children can play, laugh and have a good time. Amazingly helpful, the staff are kind and caring, ready for anything.

A colourful caterpillar tunnel brightens up the playground. Bikes and scooters are ridden by the joyful little ones. There is a whiteboard and aprons, toys and even a little den for them. They have said, ‘ It is really fun and we love the toys and games.’

There are safe tyres gated around pebbles and are many toy dinosaurs as well as seats to sit down on. Tambourines are there to have fun to make music with which they can perform on the wooden stage. You can also build towers with the wooden to bricks and play with the sand in the sand tray.

A mud pie kitchen is a fun and also safe place to play. The stage is there to perform mini plays or like before, music and you can also just play on it. The children can play with endless and the most amazing fun. The staff  let the children’s imaginations run wild( but obviously not too wild).

All in all the Thrapston Primary School nursery is amazing, fun and a brilliant learning area for young children.

Media crew - GS