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Primary School

Nursery - by the media crew

Thrapston Primary School’s nursey is a brilliant place for your wonderful children to go to. The staff are lovely and the students are kind.

The children have fun and the teachers make sure that they are all safe.  From the children’s point of view, they love the bikes/scooters and the fun activities they do. When the children do something kind, caring or all in all amazing, they will go onto the blossom tree. To make sure that they remember to do ‘kind hands’ there is a kind hands wall which has each and every little ones hands( painted) on a large sheet of paper.

Their play ground has: bikes, scooters, a wooden pirate ship and alphabet/ number caterpillars and much more. The children are really kind and funny. They might tell you a joke or two, ask to play with each other or just have a laugh. There are two layers of the playground, the upper layer which is quieter, smaller and a place for shy students. The bottom layer is louder and bigger. But the children can use both as it is their choice. While they are playing the children are learning all sorts of different things - such as Light and Dark, or Space. 

Nursery staff are a kind, caring and amazing team. They work together and help the children whenever needed.


Media crew