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Primary School

Returning to Nursery

We have a message for our Nursery children before they return next week. 

Hello boys and girls,


Today is our last day of home learning before we are all back together in Nursery and we are so excited to see you again. We know that you will have learned lots of new things whilst you have been at home and I am sure that you have grown too!


We are so proud of you for how hard you have been working whilst you have been learning from home and we think that your grown-ups have done an awesome job too. We cannot wait to see what skills you have begun to learn or mastered.


Your only job for today is to create some artwork to display in Nursery, remember to write your name on it and bring it in on your first day back. Your pictures are going to look amazing on our display.


We have asked your grown-ups to send in a photo of you as a baby to the ILD and we will look at these together when you come back next week. Have a look at the photo with your grown-up and tell them how you think you have changed. Remember, for any ILD observations sent in you will earn raffle tickets and you might win a prize!


We know that you have had your ‘Lending Library’ book for an awfully long time now, so remember to bring it back on Monday, Wednesday or Thursday to change for a new one.


Talk to your grown-up about how you are feeling about coming back to Nursery and if you have any questions your grown-ups can help you answer them, or they can email me to ask what I think.


Enjoy today and the weekend and we look forward to seeing you all next week,


The Nursery Team