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Primary School

Welcome back to a new term!

We hope you had a restful and enjoyable week off from school and a big thank you for the photos and videos that have been sent to the ILD over the half term break, it has been lovely to see your children's little faces busy doing the things they love!
You will have by now received another home learning pack. Within in it there are some sheets which your child can complete as and when they want to, please upload pictures of videos of them being completed to the ILD along with any relevant comments that your child says. There are also some sheets that we will work on during our Teams lessons, so please hang onto those for the relevant day/s. 
You will also find a laminated sheet of Numicon pieces, which we ask you to cut out and keep safely in your child's zippy wallet (from the first home learning pack). I will offer some suggestions about what you can do with them and we will use them during our Teams meetings too. There is also a Numicon numberline, please keep this as it is and again we will use this during our Teams lessons. 
There is also a 'ten frame' and for this we ask that you put ten small objects (of the same sort) in their zippy wallet - this could be lego, gems/beads, shopkins, dinosaurs.... any objects that will fit within the squares of the ten fame. We will be learning to represent numbers and begin some simple addition.
In the nicest way possible, we hope that this is the last pack that we need to deliver; I have my fingers, toes, legs, eyes crossed that we will all be back together from 8th March!
Attached is also a document suggesting ways in which you can support your child's fine motor development. We hope you have fun with these ideas!
Hope to see you all soon, 
The Nursery Team