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Primary School

Nursery Home Learning 2021

This time we are trying a few new things and some may work and some may need tweaking as we go along. Please bear with us while we all get used to the new technology and also feedback what is working for you and your child.

Online Learning

You know we will be ‘on-line’ from 9 to 10.30 every day. This will be a time your child can logon to listen to their teacher – we will chat, sing songs, watch videos, look at powerpoints and learn about different activities. There will be breaks in these sessions – no Nursery age child will sit and focus for an hour and half!

We will also set activities for your child to do while we are ‘offline’ – these can be shared with us via the ILD in the normal way – we would love to see what they have been doing with you.

The morning sessions will be recorded and therefore accessed later in the day – links shared via the ILD.

We will also be sharing recorded lessons via video links on the ILD that give you some activities to undertake with your child.


What you can do in preparation –

  • Check out the Microsoft Teams website and/or download the app.
  • Check you can access the ILD and if not please email your class teacher as soon as possible.
  • Also make sure that you have access to the ILD Parent Portal. Many of you may use the ILD Parent App, which is fine, but you will also need to be able to use the Portal to access the videos, activities and links. Your login details are all the same.
  • Keep an eye on your emails – there will be ‘Teams’ invites arriving for lessons starting from Thursday am (they may go to your junk inbox)
  • Think about what device you will use – tablet, laptop, phone etc. Where will you sit? 
  • Set up a space for your child’s resources – if they are all together on one place it will be easy for them to get the right equipment for them. A starter pack will be delivered to you. To this please add something for them to write on e.g. paper/wipe board and something to write with e.g. pens/crayons/chalks. Please bring this pack to each Teams meeting, as it may be used during the video call.
  • Talk to your child about what it will be like – they will be able to see their teacher and friends but may not always be able to talk to them.
  • Make sure you know your teachers email address – PLEASE contact us with any queries – we will be in school for our usual working hours so will reply when appropriate.
  • Try to relax! Home learning is not easy (some of us have to do it also) and you have to find the best way that works for you and your child. Keep talking to us and we can help tweak things where we can to help you.


Starter Pack

Your child’s starter pack contains a number of items and we will use them at times during out Teams meetings, as well as suggest ways that they can be used at home. As previously mentioned, please also add to the pack something to write on and something to write with.

Included you will find:

Number cards and object cards – these are for practising counting, recognising numbers and matching amounts with numerals.

Name card – your child can trace over the top of the yellow name, then copy the letters below the black name. There is a pen supplied.

2d colouring pages – these are to be completed in your leisure.

Shape cards – for shape recognition. Further ideas to following.

Shape I spy and count – to be revisited regularly to check your child’s shape recognition. Count how many circles or squares or triangles etc. you can see.

Snakes and ladders – you will need a dice and some counters. This is a game for you to keep and play regularly at your leisure.

Letter formation sheet – as a reference for your child to see how to correctly form letters. Further activities/advice on this to follow.

Please have the pack available for each Teams meeting, in case any items are needed.


Other Activities

We may ask you to do other activities from time to time but here’s a non-exhaustive list about ideas of what you could do with your child to help them when they come back to school.

  • Read with your child.
  • Independent dressing -pjs may be okay for the Teams session but when you do get them dressed let them be able to do it for themselves – include doing up coats, shoes etc.
  • Table skills – can your child cut their own meal up and use a knife and fork? Can they prepare a simple meal/snack?
  • Keep fit – do you fancy the Joe Wicks lessons? What happens to your body when you exercise?
  • Counting on and back – play lots of board games thinking about the numbers – snakes and ladders is very underrated!
  • Bake / cook with your child – talk about healthy choices in their meal selection – but also make cakes and talk about the measuring and changes when you cook the mixture.
  • Go for your daily exercise allowance – look at the world around you and discuss the winter scenes around us, are the flood levels going down? Are any birds about?
  • Make a list of something positive about every day you are at home – it didn’t rain, it was pizza for tea, we had fun watching a film – make every day have something good about it.
  • Play many games with your child – don’t let them win all the time – are they resilient if they lose?
  • Draw pictures for friends and families they can't see at the moment – Grandparents will love a picture through the post or socially distanced doorstop delivery.
  • If you have a pet give your child some responsibility about feeding it etc. talk about how to look after living things.



Websites and links that may help while you are home with your child.  


A variety of games linked to the Early Years curriculum


Reading – create an account for your child 


Phonics Play – some areas are free 


ICT games  - free maths and English online games 


Top marks – lots of free online maths games 


Oxford Owl – create a reading account for your child. Maths activities too  


Twinkl – has a lot of printable resources – during the lockdown last year some parents mentioned that they had screenshot resources, then ‘drew’ on the resources using the ipad/tablet editing tools.


Early years apps approved to help families kick start learning at home - GOV.UK (


I know that this is a lot of information to take in and should you wish to clarify anything please do contact me on and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Thank you so incredibly much for your support and cooperation. We may not get this right every single time, but we always endeavour to do the best for the children – every day we will reflect on and learn from the day, so things may change over time and as always we will keep you as up to date as possible. We appreciate your ability to be understanding and flexible of this.


Miss Porch and the Nursery team 😊