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Primary School

A Christmas Message from Nursery

The end of term means a well earned break for the children and adults alike! We have had lots of fun together and look forward to more good times in 2021.

We are incredibly proud of all of the children for another super term at Nursery. They have worked very hard and have learned lots of new skills, which we hope they have been showing off at home. The children have made new friends and become familiar with our setting and we are now really seeing them shine and thrive.

Below are some suggested activities that you could do over the holidays and as always we would love to see pictures of anything that you get up to. The winners of the ‘homework raffle’ have been selected and the raffle jar emptied. 2 new winners will be selected next term and any observations sent from home over the holidays will earn your child a raffle ticket for next term’s draw.

We hope you have a brilliant Christmas, however it is spent and we look forward to seeing you all in 2021. Just a reminder that Monday 4th and Tuesday 5th January are training days, therefore school is not open to the children. We look forward to seeing you from Wednesday 6t.


Best wishes,

The Nursery Team 😊


Watch a Christmas film with your family.

Telephone or video call someone and sing them your favourite Christmas song.

Feed the birds in your garden or local park (they can’t find much food this time of year). Can you learn some bird names?

Make a den out of duvets and blankets. Snuggle up and look at your favourite books. 

Go for a walk with your family and look at all of the Christmas lights around. Can you describe them? Count how many Christmas trees you find.

Bake a festive treat.

Count how many baubles are on your tree. Describe the sizes and colours.

Play games that involve rolling a dice and moving spaces.


Shape songs


Shape games


Number songs


Number games,%20support&title=Count%20the%20Yeti%201%20to%2010  (Find a number, direct, 1-10)