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Primary School

Nursery Home Learning Challenges

We have two homework ideas for you to try this week; Numberblocks number 2 and a new nursery rhyme. 

Numberblocks Number 2 

Please find a short Numberblocks video here:  

Then work your way through the PowerPoint attached.

Have a look around your house for things that are in twos, this could be two shoes, two taps, two light switches etc.

When walking outside see if you can find the number two on a house, on a number plate and on a street sign.

What do you have two of? Two arms, two legs, two brothers. Attached is also a document with some more ideas for you to try.



Nursery Rhyme Challenge

Nursery’s second nursery rhyme of this term.

Jelly on a Plate is the next rhyme for our Nursery children to learn and we think they will have lots of fun with this one.

The tune and words can be found here:

Remember to sing the song lots of times to reinforce the words and help your child develop their vocabulary. You could add your own verses such as ‘popcorn in a pan, popcorn in a pan, poppy pop poppy pop, popcorn in a pan’.


We look forward to seeing pictures and videos of your home learning.

The Nursery team 😊