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Primary School

Nursery Home Learning

We just wanted to send out a reminder about where to find our latest newsletter and term notes, as well as introduce the children’s first piece of Maths homework.

By now your child will have brought home a paper copy of this terms newsletter and a digital copy can be found here:


This week at home we would like you to focus on the number one. Please watch this video then look at the PowerPoint.

We know that many children will already have some knowledge of the number one and we would like this knowledge to be reinforced in whatever way interests your child. This may be looking for the numeral one around your house or when out for a walk – talk to your child about the purpose of the one in each of these places e.g. the one on a clock is to help tell the time, whereas 1 on a house is to tell you where abouts in the street someone’s house is positioned. 1 could be how old someone is or it could be how many scoops of ice-cream you are allowed.

Your child could find one of certain objects e.g. find one blue car. Play a dice game (dotted dice or one with numerals) each time someone lands on one they get to eat a sweetie/chocolate/grape (I know which I would choose).

We hope you have lots of fun with this!