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Primary School

Nursery Home Learning Raffle

After the October half term we will begin issuing children with raffle tickets for each ILD observation that is uploaded from home.

The tickets will be put in a jar and at the end of each small term two raffle tickets will be pulled from the jar and two different children will have the opportunity to select a book as a prize.

The children really benefit from the experience of sharing their home learning with their friends and we want to reward the children for their hard work. We also know that you, as your child’s grown-ups, need to support your child with their home learning and the uploading of photos and information, so if your child wins a book you will also receive a small prize too.

We will continue to ask for certain information and photos to be uploaded to the ILD and for ease of purpose we will be calling this the children’s ‘homework’ or ‘home learning’. Homework will be communicated through the blog and posted on the noticeboard to the left of the Nursery entrance. For each homework observation that is uploaded to the ILD the children will receive two raffle tickets.

We would still like the children to share photos of other home learning activities/events etc. and for each of these observations that is uploaded children will receive one raffle ticket.

Thank you for your continued support, 

The Nursery Team