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Primary School

Nursery Superhero Dress Up Day

To finish off our first topic ‘Marvellous Me’ we are planning on having a superhero day on Thursday 22nd October to celebrate all of the super things about ourselves.

Children are invited to come to Nursery wearing a superhero costume. This could be one that your child has put together themselves, or one of their favourite superhero.

We know that not all children will be in on Thursday 22nd October and we don’t want them to miss out, therefore children are welcome to wear their costume on another day when they are in. 

Please remember that we will be following our usual Nursery timetable and doing all of our usual jobs, so please only send your child to Nursery in a costume that they can move comfortably in and can get out of easily to go to the toilet.

In the meantime, please talk to your child about if they were a superhero what their name would be. What powers would they have and why? You could upload this to the ILD and we can share it during group times.