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Primary School

Welcome to Nursery

Some useful information regarding your child starting Nursery.


The Nursery team offer the warmest of welcomes to all of the children and their families who are joining us this academic year. Whether your child has been in our Nursery before or is joining us for the first time, we look forward to developing our partnership and getting to know your child.

This is a different start to the school year; but we know it will still be a positive experience for you and your child. We are committed to making sure things run smoothly and we encourage you to speak to us if you have any queries or concerns – we want the transition to be as easy as possible from your point of view too! 


Coming to Nursery

When does my child begin Nursery?

If your child attended our Nursery last academic year they are able to return from Thursday 10th September, depending on their chosen days. If your child is new to our Nursery they are able to attend from Tuesday 15th September, again depending on their chosen days.

Where should I go at the start of the session? 

You will need to get to the Nursery building via the entrance opposite the Peace Park, following the path up to the gates and then round through the KS1 playground. Go through the red, metal gates at the opposite end of the playground and you will be at the Nursery building, where you will wait until it is time to let your child in. This is the same route you should follow when coming to collect your child at the end of the day. 

For those of you who will be picking up or dropping off your child in the middle of the day, the route that you follow may change but we will endeavour to let you know as soon as possible if this is the case.

What should I bring to school each day? 

It is important that your child only brings essential items, such as a coat, a small bag of spare clothes if necessary and a lunchbox if your child is with us for lunchtime. Your child will not be allowed to bring toys, teddies or blankets etc.

Can I come in to Nursery with my child?

We can only allow 4 children in the cloakroom at one time, therefore we ask that only one adult brings their child in to the Nursery building. A touch free sanitiser dispenser is located at the entrance to Nursery and anyone, children and adults, entering the Nursery building must sanitise their hands. Adults entering the cloakroom must wear a face covering.

Stay and play sessions

You will have received information regarding the date and time of your child’s stay and play session. We ask that only one adult attends with their child and no siblings are brought. Adults must wear face coverings during the session.


Useful Information


We want you to be involved in your child’s learning and school life as much as possible and to do this you can access our school website looking under News and Year Groups / Nursery. This section of the website is updated on a termly basis with information about activities and programmes of study. We also regularly publish blogs with other information, as well as photo galleries.  

You may also receive information from the official school Facebook page, twitter feed or the school app. To download the app please install ‘school news’ from your device store and choose Thrapston Primary School.  

To ensure you get regular emails the school office need to have an up to date email address for you, so please promptly let the office know if you change any contact details, including email address or telephone number etc. 

We also have a noticeboard on the wall next to the entrance to the Nursery building and we will aim to update these with relevant information as often as possible.  

Our email addresses are listed below on this page also. 

Covid-19 Planning 

At all times we will be adhering to the school risk assessments drawn up in line with government advice and these can be found on our school website. Please support the school by checking on any requirements of parents eg keeping to prompt drop off and pick up times, one way systems etc.  

We will continue to update you on any changes to these as and when appropriate.  

Interactive Learning Diary (ILD) 

Your child’s progress throughout the Foundation stage (Nursery and Reception) will be monitored through an online diary. The staff will write observations of their learning and play which will be uploaded onto their diary. This can then be accessed by yourselves at home via a log in system on your phone, tablet or laptop etc. You can also add comments and observations from home. This is a key way in which you can contribute to our knowledge and understanding of your child as a “whole” person. Activities and experiences outside of school can have a major impact on learning and it is helpful if we know what your child has been doing. If your child undertakes a new hobby or activity; or makes a significant step in their Social Development or any other area (eg. starts dancing lessons, helps a younger sibling, tidies their bedroom, speaks to an adult with whom they have previously been shy etc.), please add these to their ILD. 

We will send out further details about this for those parents who have not already got log ins.


We look forward to seeing you in the not too distant future,

The Nursery Team