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Primary School


Hello everyone,

We would just like to say a quick fond farewell to you all on this last day of term.

This has been very strange year and it has been difficult to be away from nursery and each other, but we are so proud of how everyone has worked together to keep safe at home and school. Thank you to the parents for your continued positivity and fantastic communication during this difficult time. It has been wonderful to see your photos and receive updates of all the brilliant learning that has been taking place at home. We would like to wish you all a lovely, relaxing summer.

Summer Learning Idea

To help prepare children for the transition from nursery to reception, you could work with them to create a ‘passport’ all about them, to pass onto their next teacher. It could include a photo of them or a dawn self-portrait, information about who they live with and any pets, their favourite toys, TV shows, films, games, who their friends are and their favourite things to do etc. You could also note down the things that they enjoyed while at nursery and the things that they are looking forward to in reception. This ‘passport’ could then be passed on and shared with your child’s new teacher in September. I am sure their new teacher would love to read these as a way to get to know your child well. Please see below for a printable template, however, you may want to design your own.

Take care and stay safe,

The Nursery Team