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Primary School

Nursery Home Learning Update 26th June 2020

Hi everyone,

We hope you are enjoying the sunshine and having lots of fun playing outside.

Here are a few ideas of learning activities you can do at home in the next week.

1. Play with water - During the current heatwave why not take a large container outside and fill it with water - you could even use a paddling pool. Give your child different sized containers and spoons so that they can practise, pouring, filling and emptying. To support maths skills you could encourage them to use language around capacity or how many smaller containers/spoonful’s does it take to fill the biggest.

2. Make a puffy paint picture - Mix together a teacup of shaving foam, a quarter teacup of PVA glue and add a paint colour of your choice. Start by mixing the shaving foam and glue together until it has formed stiff peaks, and then add your paint. You can create lovely ice-cream pictures by painting on a piece of paper and then adding a triangle shaped piece of card for the cone. You could even add sprinkles! Follow the link for inspiration for your ice-creams -

3. Make a raft using left over lolly sticks – Take a handful of lolly sticks and find ways to stick them together, side by side, to create a raft. You could even try to add a mast and a flag! Test your raft in some water – can you get it to float? Here is a link to the activity

Take care and stay safe!

The Nursery Team