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Primary School

Nursery Home Learning Update 9th June 2020


Here are a few more learning ideas that you could try at home.

1. Use bubbles to create art! This activity is always popular at nursery and the children love to look at the interesting patterns that it creates.

Resources needed: a straw, a cup/pot, paint, washing up liquid/bubble mixture, water and paper.

Mix a small amount of paint with a large squirt of washing up liquid and water in a small pot/cup. Put the straw into the mix and start blowing bubbles – remind your child not to suck on the straw! When they have made a good amount of bubbles, place the paper on top and remove. You will be left with a lovely bubble pattern on the paper. Repeat with different colours.

2. Cotton bud mark making – This activity is great for practising name writing or letter formation. You will need tin foil, marker pens, cotton buds and paint. To prepare, write your child’s name/letters/numbers in marker pen, then encourage your child to use the paint to go over the top with a cotton bud and paint. Alternatively, your child could just make marks with the cotton bud on the tin foil to explore painting on this different texture. While mark making with a cotton bud your child will be encouraged to use a pincer grip with their finger and thumb. This will help to develop the muscles in the hand needed to use a tripod grip. 

3. Learn how to meditate – During the school closure, your child may be feeling anxious, worried or even angry. It is important to reassure your them that these feelings are valid, and even let them know that most grown up’s have felt or feel like this during this time. To help your child develop positive strategies to help deal with these emotions, you could introduce them to meditation. The document below contains a short calming activity, using a teddy bear.

Take care and stay safe!

The Nursery Team