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Nursery Home Learning Update 3rd June 2020

Hello everyone!  

Here are a few more ideas of learning activities you can do at home.

1. Have fun with bubbles! You can easily make your own bubble solution from washing up liquid mixed with water. If you don’t have any wands at home, be imaginative and try out various items from around the house. For example, paper clips, straws, biscuits cutters, pipe cleaners or even fly swatters! Try to encourage your child to use mathematic language while playing with the bubbles. For example, you could ask; can you count the bubbles before they pop? Which is the biggest? Are they all round?

While walking outside, look out for bendy sticks that can be shaped into interesting wands! Bend the sticks round and secure them in place with string. More information on this idea can be found on the ABC does website.


 Image available from June 2020


2. Practise scissor skills – Something that the children really love using at nursery are scissors! We are lucky enough to have child friendly scissors, as well as some left handed ones, but you could use any you have at home, provided you supervise your child at all times with them. It could be that you simply draw a few lines on a piece of paper and ask your child to cut along them, or you could get them to snip cooked spaghetti or noodles, playdough, herbs from the garden, or pictures from a magazine. Support your child to use a correct grip on the scissors, with their thumb in the smaller hole on top and their first two fingers in the hole at the bottom.

See attached below a scissor skills booklet that you can look at for ideas or print out and use at home, if you would like to.


3. Explore the Literacy Trust’s Family Zone – There are lots of fun ideas of simple activities you can do at home, as well as guidance around children’s reading, writing and language development. You can find it here - They also have their own website specifically for parents, where you can find more fun things to do and helpful information.


Take care and stay safe!

The Nursery Team