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Primary School

Nursery Home Learning Update 1st June - New Topic

Hello everyone!

Welcome back to the last term of the school year! We hope you had a great half term break and got to spend some time in the lovely sunshine.

We are sure you have been busy having lots of fun over the holiday, if you would like to share any photos from the half term break, please send them with your permission, to We will create a new photo album in our nursery gallery, so that all of your friends can see what you have been getting up to.  

If you missed the latest tadpole update sent from Mrs Melville, you can find it here: The tadpoles now have frog like little faces and have grown much bigger. There is also a picture of a little pigeon chick, who had fallen from the nest in the nursery playground!


New Topic

This term we will be moving onto our new topic, ‘Home and Away’. We will be thinking about various destinations and different types of transport.

Prompts to introduce your child to the new topic:

  • Talk about any trips or holidays you have been on – where you went, did the environment look different? How was the weather? What kind of animals live there? This could even include talking about trips to parks, the zoo or visiting nearby lakes.
  • Research some varied destinations – such as, a dessert, Antarctica, a jungle, a city. Look at pictures of these environments with your child and encourage them to recognise differences and similarities between them. Ask them how they think the weather will be and what type of animals live there. You can take a tour of popular destinations and landmarks with the Google fly over tour.  (This only works on some iphones).
  • Encourage your child to think about different types of transport, such as, trains, cars, buses, bicycles, vans, etc. You could talk about when you would use certain types of transport. For example, if you were visiting another county overseas, which would you use? If you were going on a short journey, which type of transport would you use? You could even talk about the recent SpaceX mission into space and the type of transport the astronauts used.

We are looking forward to learning about this topic together over the next few weeks.

Thank you for your continued support during this difficult time.  

The Nursery Team