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Nursery Home Learning and Tadpole Update 22nd May 2020

Hello everyone!  

We hope you are looking forward to half term fun - hopefully in the sun! Here are a few ideas of things you could do to keep yourselves entertained, just in case.

1. Watch Dr Ranj’s child friendly video all about Covid-19 and washing hands. You can find the link to the video here:

2. Listen to some favourite stories on the book trust website. You can find the link to the book library here.

3. Rescue toys from an ice blast! Chose a handful of small toys with your child, place them into a small container suitable for freezing, and fill with water. You could do this the night before you want to do the activity, so that your child can observe the change of water to ice. When the water is frozen, take the ice block out of the container and put it on a plate or tray. Encourage your child to think of ways that the can ‘free’ the toys and save them. You could try using various tools, heat and even salt to erode the ice away! You could add food colouring to the water before freezing, or add it to the ice after and observe what happens.


In addition to today's news post, Mrs Melville kindly has sent this update:

Here are the tadpoles with their little frog like faces. Once they grow legs they will become Froglets.   




The sunflower is growing really well! It is now 1 meter tall.


Mrs Melville also found this little pigeon chick that had fallen from the nest in the nursery playground!


Take care and stay safe!

The Nursery Team