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Primary School

Y5 Pictures from Jai in Australia 29.04.20

Hi, just some pics of Jai on one of our walks with his Dad in the local bushland near his house. They came across a beautiful native carpet python a few days ago, it was very calm and they were able to stand very close to it as they photographed it. The last picture is a sunset over their house yesterday. 

Jai says hi and miss you all to everyone and hopes your all ok. 

You can also click on this link to see the snake in action!

  • Jai 7

    Jai 7.jpg
    Jai 7
  • Jai 6

    Jai 6.jpg
    Jai 6
  • Jai 4

    Jai 4.jpg
    Jai 4
  • Jai 3

    Jai 3.jpg
    Jai 3
  • Jai 2

    Jai 2.jpg
    Jai 2
  • Jai 1

    Jai 1.jpg
    Jai 1