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Primary School

We are becoming division pros!

In English lessons, the children have had a great week studying the poem ‘The Highwayman’. They have explored the emotions of a few of the characters; clarified some new and confusing vocabulary; and are able to confidently retell the story.

The children have completed some fantastic artwork based on the Highwayman – they enjoyed opportunities to use paint and sketching pencils.

In Maths, the children are much more confident with the four operations. This week, we have been working on division and the children have worked really hard to be confident with long and short division.  Look out for a ‘how to guide’ to remind the children how to do the method that we have been practising. The children are quickly realising the importance of knowing times tables; we have been pleased to see how eager some of the children are to be even quicker during Rockstar Tables!

Have a lovely half term!