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Primary School

Ready, steady... bike!

We have loved tasting, then writing about chocolate. The children have enjoyed experimenting with vocabulary and sentence structure to be able to describe chocolate, in detail.

In Maths, we have been learning how to interpret line graphs that show temperature, journeys and conversions.

In Science, we have continued to learn about how to keep the body healthy. All of our children should now be an expert in a particular sport that you could do to help improve fitness.

This week we have recapped E-Safety. We reminded each other about the age restrictions for some popular social media sites:

  • Instagram: 13+, with parental permission
  • Facebook: 13+, with parental permission
  • 13+, with parental permission
  • Snapchat: 13+, with parental permission
  • WhatsApp: 13+, with parental permission

Check out this link to check the age restrictions for other sites and Apps:

After half term, we are excited to start Bikeability. The children have been given all the relevant information. Please ensure that your children take their bike to the mobile (behind the tennis courts) before school on Monday.

On Wednesday 7th June, we are looking forward to watching the Women’s Cycling Tour as it passes through Thrapston. We should have received permission slips by now, if we haven’t please make sure we do have them on the first day back.