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Primary School

Basketball, Ratio, The Emperor's New Clothes, WW2 Day and SKIP2BFIT!


For 6 weeks, year 6 are going to be doing basketball with Pacesetter Sports. We have found this an enjoyable experience so far as we have been tackling the ball from each other in fits of laughter! This has included dribbling (in basketball) passing whilst moving with the ball and defending.


In maths, we have been doing ratio, proportion and fractions. We started off simple and are now doing extremely hard (but fun) calculations. Recently, we have added algebra to these equations. This consists of writing in the algebraic equation and using the four operations and fractions.


We have been doing a newspaper report on the Emperor’s new clothes, which we will continue during the week. When we have finished, we will incorporate these techniques in a piece of writing called the ‘Village that Vanished’. We did a whole week of Drama to explore the themes in the story and we loved being able to do some acting and showing performances to each other.  So far we have a headline and are starting the main body. We are all enjoying working on this piece of writing!


Last week on Tuesday morning, a theatre production came to Thrapston Primary to teach the year 6 all about WW2. This included a theatre and workshop. Our half term project was WW2 in Northamptonshire which fitted in nicely.


On Friday morning we had a visitor called Jon, who is passionate about skipping.  His company is called SKIP2BFIT.  It was a 2 minute challenge to see how many skips we could do. We did this twice to see if we could improve our scores and create a new PB (Personal Best). We are now selling the skipping ropes in the office for £5 and hope that John might come back and do the challenge with us again.

Miss Bower has been playing the App, so we can continue working on our skipping skills as well as keeping active at break and lunch times. If you want to do skipping at home, look for the free App ‘Skip2bFit’.