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Primary School

Welcome to Year 6!

Welcome to our first Year 6 Blog of the academic year! Firstly, we would like to say a big Thank You to all of our children (and adults who helped!) for their amazing efforts on the Summer Projects – they look fantastic and we hope to have them on display in the Year 6 corridor soon.

In English this week, we have introduced the ‘Dream Giver’. The clip has inspired the children to create some super setting and character descriptions as well as explore themes in the story.

Here is the link to have a look at home: (AFTER TUESDAY PLEASE!)

In Maths, we have been exploring number. The children have been investigating place value of digits as well as being able to write them on a cheque. In addition to this, we have looked at rounding numbers to the nearest 10, 100, 1,000, 10,000. Some children looked at decimals and rounding to the nearest whole number.

The children have been rocking it out on our Rock Star maths programme, which will help them to learn their times tables. They spend 10 minutes each day trying to reach ‘Rock Legend’ status.

In PE, the children have started a Tennis scheme of work and are thinking about moving quickly from one place to another as well as catch a tennis ball within a certain time frame.

Music is all about the rhythm! The children have been using their bodies as percussion.

Art will be a messy affair as the children will learn about paint and what colours/shades can be made when mixed together.

Now we are travelling to North America in Geography! The children were able to use Atlases to locate all the countries – even though some were extremely small!

Science is all about evolution and inheritance. The children really enjoyed finding out if they had inherited certain characteristics from their parents (can you roll your tongue?)

Don’t forget to keep reading and practising your tables. Homework is out on a Friday and due in on the following Wednesday.

Overall, we have been incredibly impressed by our Year 6 children and the way they have settled into the new academic year. Keep it up! J

Mrs Ware, Miss Beasley & Miss Bower


Key Dates for your Diary:

Tuesday 13th September – 6pm – Morrison Hall – Condover Hall Meeting (parents and children)