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Primary School

Mayan hot chocolate, angles and conjunctions…

As this term continues to fly past, the children continue to impress us with their fantastic learning.

In Maths, the children have been learning how to measure angles, calculate the size of unknown angles and are beginning to feel more confident when drawing 2d shapes. The children are still practicing division although they are getting faster all the time!

In English, the children have been working very hard to consolidate some of their SPAG skills. The children know how to use commas to avoid ambiguity (Peake Class have, quite rightly, declared that commas save lives!). This week the children have learnt the difference between coordinating and subordinating conjunctions – ask you child what FANBOYS stands for.

Last week, all of the children enjoyed making Mayan inspired hot chocolate. The children were horrified that it included chilli flakes but enjoyed making it nevertheless! In the end, the final product got mixed reviews!