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Primary School

Art Project

Can you tell what it is yet?

A small group of Year 6 boys have been working on a collective art project inspired by the portraits of the American artist, Chuck Close. It was a group art project for up to 20 students which begins as a lesson on colour and ends with the surprising 'reveal' of a large scale portrait.


The children had 20 numbered squares with grey and white shapes printed on them. Using whatever material they wished we coloured in every square, the only rule was that grey squares had to have dark tonal colours on them whilst white areas had to have light tonal colours. The students did not know what the picture was going to be at this stage.


When all the squares had been coloured in, we put them all together like a giant jigsaw and the picture was slowly revealed.


We are immensely proud of the children that took on this art project, a week of lunchtimes working together without knowing the end result shows great dedication.